Chivalric Humanism is a secular (atheist) religion. It is a virtue based moral framework and ethical philosophy that draws on the rich tapestry of the chivalric codes of old while infusing them with modern understandings of psychology, sociology and philosophy. It offers a pathway to personal development, community service and a fulfilling life guided by virtue.

The Meaning of Common Humanity & Why You Should Embrace Universal Values

The Common Humanity form of shared group identity construction is the logical conclusion of Enlightenment era philosophy and values. Common Humanity is the polar opposite ideological position of a Common […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Why Atheists Need Organized Religion

The recent announcement by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a notable figure in atheist circles, of her conversion to Christianity, ignites a vital discussion on the nature and needs of atheists. While […]

Chivalric Humanism: A Virtue Based Secular Religion Philosophy for Atheists

Chivalric Humanism is a branch of naturalism philosophy; that is, it is rooted in the belief that only natural forces operate in the world. Chivalric Humanism is characterized by its […]